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Industry Leader

Industry Leader

As you can see from our website, we tint some of the most exclusive vehicles in the UK. The only reason we’re trusted with these is because we’re considered a leader in the industry. Where better to learn the art of installing window film?

Autoshine and Tinting was founded after our Managing Director did a 5-day training course with an old school American Tinter in 2002, who came over for a week and taught a total of 5 pupils. However, it is only through years of practice that Duncan mastered the art. It is for this reason that we feel that simply completing a short course is not a suitable method of training.

As a student learning to tint windows, you’re going to encounter many problems. Doing a 5-day window tinting course and then venturing out into the world would be setting yourself up for failure. Even if you were offered a helpline and a magic wand!

Today, window tinting has become much more popular than when we first started. Naturally, this means that there are now many more companies offering the service. As a result, industry standards have improved and so have the skills required. This has made it more difficult to acquire the correct training. A simple 5-day window tinting course is not thorough enough to develop these skills, no matter who it is taught by.

So, where’s the road to success, and how can I find it?

There is only one road, and it’s called practice.

Realistically, we’re talking two years of practice.

Two years should provide you with enough confidence to tint a wide variety of cars. It should also be enough for you to face new challenges, for example, working with curved windows or fiddly door panels.

But, for this to occur, there’s several obstacles in the way.

You will need to tint lots of cars to improve after completing any course. All these cars will need to have owners that will accept a trainee window tinter working on their car and accept that the installation won’t be perfect. This was easier 17 years ago as standards were far lower, however this is more difficult today.

As window film is more accessible, people expect it to be of a high standard.

So before starting to learn, you need a plan.

Firstly, your plan needs to allow access to lots of cars. We also advise using cars that won’t need the film removed afterwards. When practicing, it can take up to 2 days to tint a car. After hard work, sweating and stressing for 2 days, it would be incredibly demoralizing if you had to then remove your work. As a window tinter, the best part is taking a step back to appreciate your hard work.

Secondly, your plan needs to address the costs involved.

Window film isn’t cheap, so each car will cost you between £25 and £50 depending on how much is accidentally wasted. This is before you learn to work with the more expensive and higher quality materials.

Finally, you need to consider lifestyle. We mention this as most people require an income at the same time as learning to tint. If you’re not dependent on window tinting as a main income, then you’ll be under less stress which will be a great help.

If this hasn’t put you off, hopefully you’re ready to start creating your own plan!

If you’re looking for somewhere to begin your career we may be the people to help. Get in touch with our team to begin your plan today. If we’re happy that you have a reasonable chance of success, we’ll work with you and start transforming you into a professional!

Window Tinting Courses Available

We recommend training by the day and will provide you with a single day rate, this way you can learn at a speed that you can afford and that you also need, as none of us know just yet how you will start to pick-up the skill.

Initially we would recommend two or three days with us, after which you can then leave and practice what we’ve taught you.

Once you’ve managed to get some practice in, you can let us know your progress and what problems you’ve run into, and then come back in for further instruction. This way our training program is tailored to what you need to learn and develop further.

It may take 5 days of instruction over three months, or it may take 20 days over a year, but this way you learn at a pace that’s right for you and we’ll teach you the correct skill at the time when you need it.

You will also learn with an honest professional company who will be on the end of a phone or a video call whenever you need them, as your success will be our success.

We are the only company training in this manner and we have set up this programme due to the amount of people spending a fortune on a 5-day window tinting course only to give up after 2 – 3 months as the truth wasn’t explained to them before they committed.

Our training approach won’t be for everyone as we employ the open and honest approach from the beginning rather than the hard sell, but if that’s for you, then we look forward to speaking with you.

Get in touch today and let’s start the journey.

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