All our services and products come with warranties of various lengths, all depending on the nature of each product.

Often, they are also backed up by the manufacture of the product we are accredited and trained by.

When enquiring about one of our services, we will always give info on what the warranty is that we offer and any conditions that must be met to ensure it remains valid.

All companies provide some sort of warranty, but there are a few important factors that need considering from a customer’s point of view as not all are the same by a long way:

  1. How long has the company existed? We ask this as a 10 year warranty may sound like a long time, but if the company offering it has only been in business 2 – 3 years it has far less credibility compared to a 10 year warranty from a company who has existed for 15 years for example.
  2. The attitude of the company and how easy will it be to claim from that warranty if something goes wrong? Our approach is quite simple, if you as our customer are not happy, we change what ever we can to make sure you are. Our focus is not solely on doing work on your current car, we want to work on every car you own for the next 20 years plus!
  3. Has the company been manufacture trained to install the products they are offering? As an example, 3M vehicle wrap installs very different to Hexis wrap, and if you are not trained by the manufacturer to install there product then they will not honour any warranty, as rightly so, they can’t ensure you know the correct techniques required for a successful installation.

Please speak to us regarding the warranty on any of our products and services for more information.

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