Car detailing through ceramic coatings are a fantastic way to keep your car cleaner for longer.

Applied by hand, our ceramic coatings chemically bond to your vehicles surface to give an invisible layer of protection.

So, what do we mean by ‘it will keep my car cleaner for longer’?

As a quick and basic explanation, once the surface has our ceramic coating installed, the surface has incredible hydrophobic properties, and has exceptionally low friction.

This means water will form into droplets and sit on top of the surface and then simply bead off.

Due to the low surface friction, dirt and other contaminates also struggle to adhere meaning the only option for them is to fall to the floor instead of sitting on your car.

Application is straight forward for our accredited expert team once the vehicle has been prepared in the correct way.

Although not essential, coatings are always best when combined with machine polishing of the panel.

This is due to the fact that anything that is underneath the coating will now be protected by it, so if you attempt to remove any imperfection that may be there, you would need to remove the ceramic coating first and that could result with needing to wet sand the panel.

Machine polishing will also mean the paint is now in the best possible condition, in level of gloss as well as imperfection free.

Our car detailing service looks to keep your car going for longer, keeping it's value up and most importantly making sure your car looks as fresh as it did the day you bought it.

With different options available, for car detailing that puts your car first, please get in touch with us for a friendly chat about how we can best help.

New Car Protection  <small>from £495.00 plus vat</small>
Car Detailing Telford, Shropshire

New Car Protection from £495.00 plus vat

When buying a brand-new car, the most important thing for many is to protect it, therefore ensuring it stays looking new for as long as possible.

With many Main Dealers upselling products such as life-shine, there are far superior products available to professionals such as ourselves, which will offer a greater level of protection and last much longer.

Of course, it is not all about the product, it is also very much about the application, and this is where our expert team will hands down offer the best solution.

Instead of working on several vehicles at once, often rushed to get to the next, our experts will be spending days at a time dedicated to just your vehicle, giving it the love that it deserves.

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