This is a serious car!

1 of only 49 cars in the UK, when the vehicle came in to Rybrook BMW the team there were kind enough to recommend us to their customer so the Frozen paint work could be protected.

Although it looks fantastic, Frozen paint can be a nightmare to maintain. Due to it’s finish, no polishing can ever be carried out to it, meaning the lightest of scratches are there for the life of the car. On top of this, if any repairs do need to take place, the finish is extremely hard to colour match with many body shops refusing to carry out repairs.

The only solution: Paint Protection Film!

PPF when installed correctly, should be near invisible, last for at least 10 years, and provide real protection from stone chips, scratches, and minor scrapes.

Take the worry away and enjoy what you have likely worked hard to purchase, contact us to talk about our protection packages that are designed to fit all budgets.

BMW M5 PPF – Our most popular package for the M5 is our Full Front Plus, and this is priced as low as £1450.00 plus vat, and this will ensure the area which receives most damage will still look new in 10 years time ensuring you get on with enjoying ownership worry free.

BMW M5 CS - PPF Gallery