Our very own demo vehicle now sadly sold and passed on to its new owner. Owned by Duncan our M.D. for over 9 years, it went through several phases of protection throughout that time.

Completing European Road trips every year meant that the protection applied needed to perform Two things:

1 – Enable the vehicle to be used yet be able to be bought back to brand new condition easily and regularly

2 – Not change the appearance of the vehicle at all, we like enhancements and customising, but personally believe Ferrari’s (Especially of this era and earlier) should remain just as they left Maranello.

What we did:

Full in-depth machine polishing to bring the Rosso Scuderia paint to better than new condition (The vehicle had received some fresh paint work so was flawless with no chips)

Installation of bespoke PPF. Due to the age of these cars, there are only poor computer cut kits available, so our team created a bespoke pattern.

There are issues with PPF on these Ferrari’s.

Firstly, the front wings are connected in front of the bonnet. Because of this, almost all PPF you see on the Ferrari 360 and Ferrari 430 has a join in the middle of this large panel, just in front of the Ferrari badge on the Bonnet. However, we were certain we didn’t want this join and after a lot of work managed to get the PPF perfectly in One piece covering both wings and front panel all in One. We’ve not seen this done on a car yet, only the vehicles we have installed to!

Another difficult area is the roof and rear quarters as these are also one panel, but un-like the front wings, there is no trickery we can perform to do all of this in One piece.

We decided to join the roof panel with the quarter panel above the quarter glass at the narrowest possible point, with the Two pieces of film butted together the join was only visible at certain angels and you were stood very close, good enough for us as it did not detract from the look of the car at all.

Once PPF had been installed to the complete vehicle, ceramic coating was applied to the following areas:

This package ensured cleaning was easy and the car was also able to be driven without fear of causing damage. It always looked a brand-new car, only achievable with PPF.

Ferrari PPF – We have you covered!

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale - PPF Gallery