What a car! This particular Ferrari 812 Superfast dropped in for some work so the owner could drive it as well as keeping it looking brand new.

Firstly, full paint decontamination and correction took place, ensuring the paint we were to protect was in perfect condition.

Next, we installed our bespoke computer cut PPF patterns, using Xpel Paint Protection Film.

Once complete, our 3-year ceramic coating was then applied to the PPF, Glass and Wheels for ease of cleaning.

Finally, this customer decided on some extra pieces to be carried out to make it personalised to them - this included Italian flags on the wing mirrors and carbon fibre accents.

Xpel are the industry leaders in paint protection films. Made from urethane it is virtually invisible. Protecting vehicles paint for unsightly damage. Some of its features include self-healing, stain resistance and superior optical clarity.

Ferrari PPF – We have you covered!

Ferrari 812 Super Fast - PPF Gallery