With our passion for cars, skills with applying all types of vinyl, and a customer focused attitude, it is only natural that PPF is now what we have become most famous for.

Having been installing PPF itself for over a decade, we have seen the films develop hugely over the years, both in clarity and self-healing ability.

Our processes have been tweaked and developed throughout our history, and now coupled with our spectacular purpose-built facilities, we believe that we offer our customers the absolute best PPF packages available.

Why Autoshine PPF Packages are like no other:

Why Autoshine PPF Packages are like no other:


  • KNIFE FREE Installation
  • Custom, computer cut templates – The most accurate patterns which are unique to us!
  • All installers factory trained and certified by multiple film manufactures
  • Flush fit vehicle lifts, meaning we install at eye level for greater accuracy
  • In-depth preparation process included with all packages, including single stage machine polish
  • 10-year warranty
  • Covered trailer for collection and delivery nationwide
  • Courtesy cars provided free of charge

If your new to Paint Protection Film and would like to know more then please browse through our FAQ’s or get in touch with any further questions you may have, we are happy to talk any time.


Our PPF Packages

Prices below are prices from, but please rest assured... Our prices NEVER vary depending on how much your vehicle is worth, but rather how much Paint Protection Film it will require and how technical the panels are to install too.

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The Essential <small>from £600.00 plus vat</small>

The Essential from £600.00 plus vat

Designed to protect the most vulnerable areas while keeping prices low.

Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus to:

  • Front bumper
  • Headlights
  • Front section of bonnet
  • Front section of wings

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Full Front <small>from £1050.00 plus vat</small>

Full Front from £1050.00 plus vat

For those who want essential protection and full panel coverage, while keeping prices lower.

Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus to:

  • Front bumper
  • Headlights
  • Complete bonnet
  • Complete front wings

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Full Front PLUS <small>from £1495.00 plus vat</small>

Full Front PLUS from £1495.00 plus vat

Our most popular option, for those who want protection of all vulnerable areas without the expense of full coverage.

Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus to:

  • Front bumper
  • Headlights
  • Complete bonnet
  • Complete front wings
  • Side skirts
  • Rear bumper arches
  • Wing mirrors
  • A pillars
  • Front section of roof
  • Door handles

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Complete PPF <small>from £2995.00 plus vat</small>

Complete PPF from £2995.00 plus vat

Full coverage of all external panels.

A very popular option for our customers today, as it provides total peace of mind so you can use the vehicle for what it was designed to do.


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Buying A Brand-New Vehicle?

Buying A Brand-New Vehicle?

Always flexible, this is just an example of what we do for many of our customers:

  • Collection of your vehicle by ourselves from the main dealership using our fully insured enclosed vehicle transporter. We ask you to inform the dealership to not touch the vehicle and to leave all protection stickers in place, so their valet team do not damage the fresh paint by giving it a ‘quick’ wash.
  • Once back at our HQ, our team remove the protection stickers, carry out a full safe wash, followed by an in-depth paint decontamination.
  • The vehicle will then move onto our vehicle lifts, where a close inspection will take place, highlighting any paint imperfections that will require extra attention.
  • Machine polishing will then commence. Using a mixture of compounds and machines, our skilled technicians start polishing the paint, one panel at a time, bringing it to its full beauty, rich in colour and flawless in appearance. The whole vehicle is worked around.
  • Once polishing is complete, it is time for the installation of Xpel PPF. This will typically be our extended front package or our full car package. Installation can take 2 – 5 days normally.
  • PPF complete and an in-depth inspection passed, it is now time for Ceramic Coating. This will ensure the car stays cleaner for longer as well as making it extremely easy to clean.
  • Now time for Coatings to all Glass, Wheels, and possibly Brake Callipers if you choose.
  • Finally, the Interior. Protection covers removed, and a full cleanse carried out, all surfaces are protected using a variety of premium brand solutions each previously tested by our team for quality.
  • A final inspection as well as finishing detail touches now takes place, sounds simple but this stage alone normally takes a full day
  • Your vehicle is then carefully loaded on to our transporter and delivered back to the dealership ready for hand over and presentation to yourself.

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Options to COMPLEMENT your PPF package

Ceramic Coating  Window Tinting

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