The process of changing the colour of a vehicle with vinyl is the well-known art of Vehicle Wrapping.

Originally, we got into this industry by chance back in 2009, when we wanted one of our own vehicles wrapped.

In 2009, with many transferable skills from window tinting which we were by now experts in, we purchased a roll of vinyl wrap and attempted the installation, soon learning that there was a lot more involved than we first thought.

Fast forward to today, and we have built an expert team who have completed training courses with all the major manufacturers, which is vital for professionals as each make of vinyl installs differently to the other.

Our reputation and experience have seen us wrap the most desired vehicles on the planet as well as many large Fleets of Vans and Cars.

In one week in 2019 alone, our team were wrapping a smart car in pink for a local hair dresser, a Lamborghini Aventador for a celebrity, and several Mercedes Sprinters in Brown for delivery company UPS, our customers and experience are as varied as possible and we would never change that.

Whatever your requirements are for a colour change wrap, we have the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life so get in touch now and let us talk about your project.

Save thousands on a new car

Save thousands on a new car

We all know you can get a car to stand out with wrap, but the most popular reason for a full colour change wrap is to get that new car feeling without the large expense of changing the vehicle.

No matter how nice a car is, it is extremely hard to not get a little bored after a period of time. In the past the only option was to spend thousands to buy a new car, one which will do just the same thing as your present vehicle.

Investing in a colour change wrap and an interior detail at the same time here at Autoshine and Tinting, will guarantee you fall in Love with your car again as it will look and feel brand new.

This is what we are experts in, so please get in touch and tap into our knowledge!

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