For some reason car designers love Chrome, even though most of us car buyers don’t!

Instead of ordering the factory black pack option as an extra, which is often thousands of pounds, we can hide it with our vehicle specific chrome delete packages.

Our Chrome delete packages are often a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer black pack options and indistinguishable from the original item.

Mercedes have there Night Pack, Audi and others have here Black editions, no matter what, we can offer a quick and affordable alternative.

Most our customers choose our gloss black wrap option, although Satin Black in another popular option.

The best part is it’s all totally reversible, so if you have your car on a lease option then we can return it to the original look when the time comes.

Prices are vehicle specific as the amount of chrome does vary car to car, so we will often ask for a picture to give you an accurate quote.

Please get in touch today to find out what’s available for your vehicle.

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